Ahh, La Paz

After a week of boondocking in the paradise setting of Playa Santispac, we became a slight bit stir-crazy, ready to get back on the grid, and join the outside world so we packed up and headed south to the mid-size town of Loreto. There was an RV Park in town and another more on the ocean, we picked the park more on the ocean.

It was great to catch up on things like laundry and internet projects while staying within a town. But after two nights at this location and listening to a lot of barking dogs next to the park, we packed up and continued southward.  We passed through the beautiful Sierra de la Giganta mountain range reminding us of the Superstition Mountains in Phoenix with their jagged rock faces.

This is the mountain range on the Gulf side of the peninsula requiring the highway to make its way over and around them to continue south. Around one of the mountain curves there was a semi-truck tipped over against the side of the mountain either caused by shifting weight, to close to the mountain wall, or incorrect steering. Seeing a semi-truck tipped over on a mountain road gets your attention!  Thank goodness, no one appeared to be seriously injured.

Then the road straightens out after about an hour on the way to Ciudad Constitución. This is an inland, larger city that’s main industry is agriculture. We didn’t see a ton of crop acres like we do in the U.S.’s Midwest region, but the land here is a lot flatter than the other parts of Baja, must be easier to grow crops here. And it’s where we decided to stay overnight to break up the trip in half on the way to La Paz.

Mr. Ramble asked the RV Park’s owner for a recommendation for an auto electrician as our motorhome either needed a new fuse or wire connection for marker lights.  He lead us to a fabulous electrician in town who found and replaced 2 broken fuses within half hour for a charge of $15.  Then we spent the majority of the day traveling to the town of La Paz.

Baja Route so far

The above image shows our route we followed, not that there’s much of a choice, just following Mexican Highway 1.  Over 1,000 miles now that we are in La Paz, about 2 hours north of Cabo San Lucas on the very southern tip.

We were geared up again for boondocking on a beach about 15 miles north of La Paz called Playa Tecolote.  It’s a beach that faces directly north towards Isla Espíritu Santo, a large 10 mile long, uninhabited island.  The beach had a few other campers, but we found an open area where we could park a few feet away from the surf.  Another spectacular view right out of our camper door and the water felt warm walking barefoot through the waves.

Tecolote out of our camper

We really loved this location and not to sound picky, but the day after we set up camp here on Playa Tecolote, the northern winds kicked into strong action as is very common from December through February.  Instead of sitting inside to avoid being sand blasted, we visited the bay around the bend a mile away.

Balandra Bay 2

This bay is called Balandra Bay.  It’s like a gigantic kiddie pool because it is very flat causing the whole bay to be basically level at 1-2 feet of clear, turquoise, warm water.

Balandra Bay 3

There were a few smaller crowds on the sand, but we had the whole bay almost to ourselves.

Balandra Bay 4

Balandra Bay made for a large, easy area for this group to practice kayaking.

Balandra Bay

There were a couple areas of sand bars within the bay.  We packed some chicken taco dip, tortilla chips, and cerveza so we walked out to one of the sand bars, plopped our towels and lunch down, waded around with our beer, and found a couple sea gulls entertaining that thought they should get a lunch snack too.

The next day we decided to move into town where it’s more sheltered from the north wind.  There’s an RV Park where we stayed for a couple nights on the La Paz bay and a few blocks from the malecon (boardwalk).  After camping at many various places, we have narrowed down our preferences to 3 things.

1) Needs to be quiet at night time from neighborhood dogs, trucks, and highway.

2) Needs to be located within a 4G internet connection with hookups or close enough to reach services on daily basis.

3) Needs to be on or near a beach or have a pool.

Are we going to get all of this every time we camp?  No, but now we’ve been able to pinpoint what we prefer when we’re looking.

Now that we arrived in La Paz, we noticed a few things about Baja.  All the RVers keep moving south creating a bottle neck at parks towards this southern end of the peninsula.  La Paz is a city with a population over 200,000, but it’s not a touristy type of city.  There are no flashy resorts like in Cabo, yet there are lots of stores, restaurants, and services available.

We love one stop shopping, sorry but we love to shop at Walmart.  Our last Walmart shopping trip was back in Ensanada.  It was handy to be back shopping at this Walmart even when the prices are in pesos!

All the other smaller towns we thought we wanted to visit for the next month don’t have much for RV Parks available.  We have a reservation for the month of March in the smaller town of Los Barriles, but that’s it.  There is also a lot we want to do either in La Paz or easy to do from here as a day trip.

So we moved to another nearby RV Park that gave us a reasonable monthly rate for the whole month of February, is fairly quiet, has full hook-ups, and has a pool and nearby beach.  This place basically meets all of our preferences, don’t have to worry about finding another RV Park availability, and we can easily come and go from this home base.

Do you have preferences and/or requirements for your home base?

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