These are the blogs that inspired our plan and early retirement.

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early):

Rockstar Finance Directory The directory that gives you the ability to search all the financial blogs based on your personal preferences.

Root Of Good Justin retired at age 33 with a great knack for saving and investing.  He also offers consulting sessions which we took advantage of as we preferred strategizing with someone who already retired early rather than paying a financial planner.

Millennial-Revolution World travelers retired at age 31, can you imagine?  We love their bluntness and tenacity!

J.L. Collins The Godfather of financial knowledge with bluntness and humor.  Remember the stock market always goes up.  Always.  Read and you shall learn!

RV Traveling:

Think Save Retire This couple travels with their airstream pulled by a pickup.  And they’re very early retirees too.  And he’s blunt.  (Can you tell we appreciate this attribute?)

Roads Less Traveled One of the blogs that originally inspired us as they lived on a sailboat full-time besides now being RV travelers with a fifth wheel trailer and pickup.

Bumfuzzle Our favorite blog because this couple is from Minnesota, decided on a whim in their 20’s to sail around the world on a catamaran, road tripped through the western hemisphere and continued on to Europe.  And more.  Start with this link back to 2003, turn off the TV for the winter, and prepare to be mesmerized.



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