Ahhh, living in paradise on Playa Santispac in Bahía Concepción for a week. We parked towards the end of the row of RVs where everyone is on the same mission of enjoying paradise. Everyone is very nice, friendly, and laid back. We found out about a party at the onsite beach restaurant, Armando’s, planned for the following night.

Playa Santispac long view

It’s a super casual palapa style restaurant that served BBQ ribs and had a live band that even included a former member of Nazareth. We met a few different couples from Canada and Australia we sat together with for dinner. Now what can be better than drinking bottles of beer, enjoying great conversation, a great casual beach restaurant dinner, followed by dancing to an excellent classic rock band. It was a very fun evening and when it was over we could simply walk a few hundred feet down the beach to our own motorhome.

Playa Santispac Campers Low Tide

There were probably about 35-40 RVs set up on the beach while we were there.  Some are really set up for staying for weeks or even months while others stay only for one night.  One camper leaves and another arrives and fills in their spot as this is a public beach without hookups so there is no one directing where you need to set up as it is your own decision.

Playa Santispac Campers

The morning after the restaurant party, we set off in our car for the town of Mulegé to get some access to an internet connection and a few groceries.  We had only left a couple minutes prior to when we were climbing and rounding around a rocky mountainside.  Then we noticed a few rocks tumbling down the mountainside farther down below as well as next to us.  There are gutter/ditch areas for catching falling rocks, but there were some still tumbling out onto the highway.  Turns out the falling rock was caused from an earthquake.

And this was not just a small earthquake, it was a 6.3 with its epicenter straight east of us a few miles into the Gulf.  However, while driving we couldn’t feel the quaking and there was no tsunami effect in the Gulf.  We have never experienced an earthquake and although we were in this earthquake, we only noticed the falling rocks.  We were thankful one of the rocks didn’t land on our car while we were driving and we didn’t see or hear of any damage to the structures in town either.

Playa Santispac Coast North to Mulege

What does one typically do when you’re living in paradise? You basically wake up, take a shower, get dressed in your casual clothes, go outside to meet the vendors that drive by with their pickups selling water, fish, shrimp, tamales, banana bread, empanadas, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, many other produce items, blankets, jewelry, plus car/RV washing services. They’re super helpful by selling all of this onsite and they take no for an answer if you’re not interested.

You kind of decide what you want to eat for the next couple meals and purchase necessary ingredients from the vendors. We started out with buying an extra-large pound or two of 20 count size shrimp. Then you spend an hour deshelling and deveining them. They made into the most delicious chilled shrimp cocktail and shrimp scampi.

Then you get on a roll with buying avocados and tomatoes to make homemade guacamole. Red snapper fish was available so add on fish tacos to the meal planner. Plus, all your new friends make delicious dishes to share meaning we are definitely not starving. And our car has not had any car washing attention since leaving so add on that service for hire.

Since we’re out on a beach in a remote area, we have nothing available for internet service, phone calling, or texting. We developed a plan where we simply drive into town 12 miles each morning for communicating with the outside world, updating our picture downloads, and blog posts. It sounds simple and it is easy, but for many people of the internet/cell phone/TV world it feels odd not being in constant technology contact. It’s a good exercise for all occasionally.

While we are in town in the mornings, we make 4G contact with the internet/cell phone world while doing our laundry at the laundromat, coffee shop, or Pemex (gas station). And we stroll the few aisles of the couple mercados to pick up any additional ingredients. Check, chores of the day are completed.

Time to return to our playa location where we might hike around the point of the bay, get a bit hot in the afternoon temperatures, have a beer, and wade out into the water to cool off. Not too difficult of a schedule in paradise.

This bay is an excellent location for kayaking. We don’t own a kayak, but we can rent one. By the time we found the kayak man to rent one the wind had picked up quite a bit for a couple days, so we will have to wait to go kayaking until we move more southward.

Playa Santispac with Catamaran

One of the couples we got to know is from Australia and they weren’t camping.  They anchored their large (58’x31′), beautiful catamaran in the bay.  You can see it off in the distance in the picture above beyond the dinghy.  It is an updating and remodeling project they are tackling with all of their skills and knowledge.  They invited us and another couple out one evening for happy hour and a tour.  It was really gorgeous and was something we had slightly considered prior to securing the motorhome plan, but decided we didn’t have enough handiness and sailing skills–good thing!

On the next morning, they generously offered to take us on the dinghy to a hot spring located in the next bay south of us.  The hot spring water naturally surfaces from an underground fissure and fills in a small manmade rock tub/pool on the beach.  We needed to arrive at the hot spring around 11:00AM as that is high tide and the additional cooler tide water helps make the spring water a tolerable temperature.  It was such a treat to enjoy and relax in what was basically a hot tub right on the beach.  And it was so nice of these friends to give us a dinghy ride there as it would have been a bit more challenging to find it on our own by hiking the beach.

Would you enjoy living off the grid and for how long?

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  1. Mark D said:

    Have fun! Got 18” new snow Monday in my driveway!

    January 24, 2018
    • Mrs. Ramble said:

      Hi Mark! Ugh! We heard Monday was very snowy! You must have been in the middle of the worst of the snowstorm.

      January 24, 2018

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